Participant list of the 2005 Workshop

US-China Workshop In Geology and Paleontology
Critical Transitions in the History of Life
Washington, DC | November 5 & 6, 2005





Zhe-Xi Luo (Carnegie), Douglas H. Erwin (Smithsonian), Samuel A. Bowring (MIT), Yugan Jin (NIGPAS)

Coordinators of Subgroup Discussion

Shuhai Xiao (Virginia Tech) for Neoproterozoic-Cambrian Transition

Shuzhong Shen (Nanjing Institute) for Permian-Triassic Transition

Zhe-Xi Luo (Carnegie Museum) for Evolution of Modern Biotas in Mesozoic

Chris Beard (Carnegie Museum) for Cenozoic mammalian evolution, human cultural evolution and climate changes

Arnold Miller (University of Cincinnati) for collaboration on database infrastructures


Technical and Logistic Assistance

Mark Klingler (A/V projectionist, programming, Carnegie)

Carlita Sanford (on-site coordination at NMNH-Paleobiology)

Website: Robert Hildebrand


US Participants




Beard, K. Christopher

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Paleocene/Eocene transition & paleobiogeography

Carrasco, Marc

University of California at Berkeley

Miomap database project

Bowring, Samuel A.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

High-precision geochronology & Earthtime initiative

Briggs, Derek

Yale University

taphonomy, geobiology & Cambrian radiation

Carrano, Matthew

National Museum of Natural History

Dinosaurs and Mesozoic vertebrates

Cervato, Cinzia

Iowa State University

Chronos database

Chen, Hai

University of Minnesota

Pleistocene climate change in Eastern Asia

Clark, James

George Washington University

Dinosaurs and Mesozoic vertebrate faunal evolution

Dilcher, David

University of Florida

Origins of angiosperm plants & Cretaceous floral evolution

Erwin, Douglas H.

National Museum of Natural History

Permo-Triassic Extinction and Recovery

Hinnov, Linda

The Johns Hopkins University


Koch, Paul

University of California - Santa Cruz

Paleocene/Eocene climate evolution

Luo, Zhe-Xi

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Origins of modern mammals and Mesozoic faunal evolution

Meng, Jin

American Museum of Natural History

Eocene/Oligocene mammalian faunal evolution

Miller, Arnold

University of Cincinnati

Paleobiology database

Potts, Rick

National Museum of Natural History

Paleolithic archaeology and human cultural evolution of Asia

Rowe, Timothy

University of Texas - Austin database and CT imaging

Sadler, Peter

University of California - Riverside

Models and methods in high-precision biostratigraphy

Soreghan, Gerilyn

University of Oklahoma

Climate evolution and Geosystems database

Summons, Roger

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Biogeochemistry of Neoproterozoic

Sues, Hans-Dieter

National Museum of Natural History

Triassic/Jurassic Transition in terrestrial vertebrate faunas

Wing, Scott

National Museum of Natural History

Early Tertiary floral evolution

Xiao, Shuhai

Virginia Tech and State University

Early evolution of animals and Neoproterozoic algae


US Observers

Harold R. Lane

National Science Foundation (US) (EAR Program)

Program director, Sedimentary Geology and Paleobiology, NSF

Nader, Richard

National Science Foundation (US) (OISE)

Program director, Office of International Science and Engineering, NSF

Herman Zimmerman

National Science Foundation (US)

Director, Division of Earth Sciences, NSF


Chinese Participants

Gao, Ke-Qin

Peking University

Mesozoic vertebrate faunas of China & early amphibian evolution

Ni, Xijun

Inst. Vert Paleo & Paleoanthropology

Early Tertiary primate evolution

Shen, Shuzhong

Nanjing Inst. Geology & Palaeontology

Late Paleozoic marine invertebrates

Sun, Ge

Jilin University

Origins of angiosperm plants & Cretaceous floral evolution

Tong, Jinnan

China University of Geoscience (Wuhan)

Geochemistry of Permo-Triassic transition

Wang, Xiangdong

Nanjing Inst. Geology & Palaeontology

Late Paleozoic marine invertebrates

Wang, Yue

Nanjing Inst. Geology & Palaeontology

Late Paleozoic invertebrate database (NIGPAS)

Yang, Qun

Nanjing Inst. Geology & Palaeontology

Application of molecular biology in studies of fossils & database

Yin, Chongyu

Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

Neoproterozoic algal and animal evolution

Xing, Xu

Inst. Vert. Paleo. & Paleoanthropology

Theropod-avian evolution

Zhang, Xinliang

Northwest University

Early Cambrian Chengjiang Biota

Zhou, Zhonghe

Inst. Vert. Paleontology & Paleoanthropology

Early diversification of modern birds

Zhu, Maoyan

Nanjing Inst. Geology & Palaeontology

Neoproterozoic isotope and biogeochemistry


Chinese Observers

Liu, Yu

National Natural Science Foundation of China

Stratigraphy, Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, NSF-China

Lu, Zewei

National Natural Science Foundation of China

Deputy Director, Geoscience Department, NSF-China



Sloan, Christopher

National Geographic Magazine

Journalist and editor

Stokstad, Erik


Correspondent of science news


Subgroup discussion on Neoproterozoic-Cambrian: Bowing, Briggs, Summons, Xiao (coordinator), Zhu

Subgroup discussion on Permian-Triassic transition: Erwin, Tong, Shen (coordinator), X-D Wang

Subgroup discussion on Mesozoic biotic evolution: Carrano, Clark, Dilcher, Gao, Luo (coordinator), Sues, Sun, Xu, Zhou

Subgroup discussion on Cenozoic mammalian evolution, human evolution and climate changes: Beard (coordinator), Cheng, Meng, Ni, Potts, Soreghan, Wing

Subgroup discussion on database infrastructure collaboration: Carrasco, Cervato, Miller (coordinator), Rowe, Sadler, Y. Wang, Yang,

     National Science      Foundation

National Natural Science Foundation of China

    Geobiodiversity     Database