Presentations from the 2007 Denver Meeting

Presentations from the Denver meeting


Here are selected presentations from the Denver workshop..

button Arnie Miller: Collaborative Research on the Ordovician Radiation in Laurentia and South China 2 Mb

button Brian T. Huber: Critical Transition II: K/T Boundary Research Overview 18.5 Mb

button Fan Junxuan: Palaeontology and stratigraphy databases in China -Dynamic patterns of Phanerozoic marine biodiversity in S China 1.7 Mb

button Rich Lane: Celebrating the opening of the NSF Beijing Office 20.3 Mb

button Ge Sun: The study of the K/T boundary in Heilongjiang River area, China 90.2 Mb

button Zhan Renbin, ZHANG Yuandong & FAN Junxuan: Ordovician Biodiversification-Examples from South China 24.3 Mb

button Xiaoming Wang: Tibetan geology and paleontology: Promise, Opportunity, Challenge 39.4 Mb

button Zhang Yuandong: Diversity History and Origination of Ordovician Graptolites-Evidence from South China 27.9 Mb

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