The 2007 Workshop: Sino-US Collaborative Research on Critical Transitions in History of Life

Another workshop in the series on the Critical Transitions in the History of Life was held at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science October 10-14th 2007. The workshop was well attended with a mix of scientists from both the United States and China. The three critical transitions chosen for this meeting were: 1) The Ordovician radiation; 2) the K/T boundary; and 3) Himalayan Uplift. 

The meeting was organized around a plenary session where each of the transitions was introduced. Selected Powerpoint® presentations can be found here. An introduction to the Ordovician radiation was presented by Arnie Miller of the University of Cincinnati. This was followed by discussions moderated by Linda Kah and Renbin Zhan. 

For the K/T boundary, we heard presentations by Brian Huber, Kirk Johnson, and Sun Ge Followed by group discussion. 

Xiaoming Wang led the discussion of the Himalyan uplift followed by discussions. 

On Friday participants were treated to a visit at the K/T boundary sites in the Denver Basin led by Kirk Johnson, followed by excursions to Dinosaur Ridge and Table Mountain and Red Rocks. See the group photo

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